International Congress of Mathematicians 2002

Game theory and applications

Satellite Conference

Aug 14--17,2002 Qingdao University,China

Qingdao City is one of China's important economical central cities and open coastal cities. It's one of famous national historical cultural cities and beach  tourist spots. It's also one of the group of China's unique tourist cities. Qingdao sits on the Yellow Sea's seaside in East-China's Shan Dong The total size of the city is 10.654 square km, Peninsular. With the total population of 6.95 million. Among them, the population in the urban district is 2.27 million . Qingdao stands by the mountains and sea. It has a very beautiful scenery and comfortable climate. Red tiles, green trees, clear seawater and blue sky mirror Qingdao's beautiful shape. Beared rocks, gentle waves, colorful sails and golden sands form Qingdao's charming sea beach scenery lines. Historical culture, religions, civil traditions, village customs and holiday celebrations put a rich meaning into Qingdao's tourism. Modern historic cultural enrichment of former residence of notables, Multi-national constructions with typical European style shape a Chinese-and-Western-mixed and specially-characterized beautiful seaside city. It is admired as "Eastern Switzerland". By the reformation and openness, and especially the rapid development since 1990's, Qingdao's tourism industry has been founded as a relatively complete product system and an industrial system. It has become a new growth point of our national economy.

Qingdao is rich in its tourist resources. Qingdao's tourist resources can be divided into: beautiful mountains-sea scenery; abundant human and cultural scenery; varied multi-national constructions; long-history regions culture and colorful celebration activities. The golden tourist route through the beach from the front sea to Laoshan Mountain is very competitive in the industry. On the famous Hui Quan Sea bath Beach, sands are soft and slopes are gentle, water is clear and waves are slow. In annual tourist peak period, more than 100,000 tourists can be receipted. in the old city district , one can see red-roofed houses and green trees everywhere which are surrounded by green-covered mountains. There stand 24 countries' buildings of various styles, which shows the plentiful connotations of a complete East-and-West harmony. In the new urban district to the east, the rapidly constructed masses of high buildings on the Fushan Gulf beach, Hong Kong Street from east to the west, and the seaside Chinese Civilization sculptures corridor about 12 km long form a kind of new tourist attraction of modern coastal metropolis. The facility set of Shilaoren National Tourism and Holiday Resort begins to take shape. Other than the tourist entertainment facilities, like Ocean Entertainment City, Dolphin Show Hall, International Beer City, Sea Garden and Golf Grounds, the picturesque disordered masses of villas have been completed and open to the outside one after another. The large Ocean Garden, complexes Sports Center and the International Meeting and Exhibition Center will soon be completed. Laoshan Mountain National Scenery Zone and the national-level Forest Garden are China's famous Taoist holly land, which is entitled "No.1 Famous Mountain on the Sea", for it holds mountains, sea, forests, springs and waterfalls in one body. There are numerous human cultural relics and former residences of nobles in Qingdao. 秦始皇 had come here for 3 times. Lang Ya Terrance, the starting place where Xu Fu Dong left for Japan across the sea; Tian Heng Island, where lie the tombs of 500 warriors of Western Han Dynasty, the tablet inscriptions of the Northern dynasties on Tian Zhu Shan, which are named as the "gems of scared stones", the relics of Qi Great Wall of the Spring and Autumn-Warring States periods and the geologically fantastic Stone Forest on Mashan―all have become the hot points for tourist sightseeing and high-quality developing investments. The Governor's Residence of German invaders, the Provincial Commander's Residence, Catholic Church and the residences of Kan Youwei, Wen Yidue, Lao She, Wang Tong Zhao have been already open to the tourists one by one . The developments of Qingdao tourist holiday products are being improved constantly. Besides the Shilaoren National Tourism and Holiday Resort, three other provincial-level tourist and holiday resorts of Xue Jia Island, Lang Ya Terrance, Tian Heng Island have been founded and developed. Yang Kou Tourism and Holiday Zone, Huashan Golf Grounds and Qingdao International Golf Grounds have also finished the constructions and opened . With the sea tourist routes and air tourist routes by helo's from the urban to the Laoshan Mountain, Qingdao has constructed a land-sea-air stereoscopic tourist structure. Viewing Qingdao from land, one can see beautiful mountains and seawater all the way; viewing it from the sea, one can see magnificent shape of the city in a distance, and viewing it from the air, one can overlook the excellent landscope of Qingdao's "red-roofs and green-trees, clear seawater and blue sky".

Qingdao's specialized tourist items are rich and varied. Other than traditional sightseeing tour, there are holidays' shaping tour, religious and civil customs tour, international boating tour, sea fishing tour, youngsters' studying tour and the commerce, meetings, sports tour,etc.. More and more, the celebration activities are becoming the competitive items. Many tourists at home and abroad are attracted by the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival, Sand beach Culture Festival, Passion of the Sea Tourism Festival and Oriental Cherry Meetings,etc..

Qingdao tourist industry, as a complexes set of "traffic, tour, lodge, board, shopping and entertainment" has been constructed into a standardized system connected with the world. There are more than 100 hotels in the city. Among them, there are 10 international-hotels; 30 star-level restaurants―which include 2 5-stars restaurants and 4 4-stars ones. There are more than 10 thousands rooms prepared for foreign tourists. Continuously, the level of Qingdao tourist service is enhanced and the markets' orders are improved. Taking the protection of tourists' legal rights as its goal, the city's tourist appeal center has formed an appealing net facing the whole industry over the country. Qingdao tourist foods and tourist commodities are more specialized. 10 most specialized foods and 10 most specialized tourist commodities have been selected out.

Qingdao tour industry bases on better conditions, with constant improvement of the city's environment. Especially, as a coastal eighty, the tourist traffic is very convenient. Qingdao port is of the 1st level in our country. It has passenger-transport sea courses to South Korea and Japan 福冈, and has trade relations with more than 450 ports within more than 130 countries and regions. Following Shanghai Airport, Qingdao Airport is the 2nd largest in East-China region. It has opened 7 international or regional Passenger air routes to Japan's Tokyo,Osaka,Seoul South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong―Macao. Besides, it has more than 30 air-lines to various domestic cities. However, Qingdao land traffic is much more convenient. It has formed a net of highways and the 1st level roads to every tourist spot in the province ,such as Taishan Mountain, Qufu and Penglai. Qingdao's post and telecommunications are rapidly developed and its program-controlled exchanges, digital tranafer,movable telephones,digital communications and satellite communications have been put into one modern complexes telecommucation net.

With the great aim of contracting a modern international city in mind, Qingdao is making steps to the 21st century. Qindao City Government pays attention to the development of its tourist industry. It takes the Government-heading strategies in the tourist industry and plans the tourist industry developing future. The project goals toward the year of 2010 are: closely following the general goal of the fulfillment of the constructing a modern interantional city, under the premise of preserving the city's historical cultural specialties and natural sceneries, the tourist resources should be reasonably developed and scientifically used. The development of the tourist industry should be harmonized with the social development. Try hard to build Qingdao into......

In order to realize the goal of Qingdao tourist industry's fast and healthy development, governments at every level will take more ensuring measures. The key ones are: to straighten out the administrative management systems, to expand industrial advantages, to enhance the overall propaganda on sale promotions, to developed the tourist market actively, to set up the multi-channel fund-arranging system, to larger the investment for tourism, to quicken the speed of making out the industrial policies, to encourage the whole society to developed tourism, to set up a complete law system, to elevate the level of management and service, to set up the scientific and technical assistance system and to elevate the tourist development level.

"We are very glad to see friends coming from afar." Qingdao's warmhearted people welcome friends at home and abroad.

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